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Welcome to my display of graffiti on freight trains and anywhere in the vicinity of the railroad track...

At present, this web site is very much under construction. I will be making an effort to present you with a few new pictures on a steady basis in the near future, till my entire collection is displayed.  As of now I have about 1500 pictures, and my collection keeps growing.  The emphasis in this site is on the graffiti on freight trains that pass through Bloomington, IN.  This topic gets further refined:  I am interested in identifying the work of local graff writers (as opposed to pieces that can be seen in Bloomington but were done elsewhere).  Keep checking back, please.

In the meantime you can reach me by email at indianatrains@indianatrains.net.  If you have information on photos presenting the work of graff writers from Bloomington or from outside Bloomington, IN.,   I'd be truly delighted to hear from you!  What I'm most interested in is further spelled out in my graffiti blog.

And here is my philosophy about graffiti: I believe graffiti are art, period.  Like any other art form, its quality depends on the writer -- on his natural talent and on his commitment to graff.  For over one year now I've been photographing the work of graffiti writers as it happens to show up in trains passing through.  I'm interested in all spray-can art, ranging from toy's to writer's : when the art is not great, I still enjoy the toy's attempts at finding his own niche within the community of graff writers.